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29 posts with cisco 2960 switch

DTP on VTP domain null

Question: i am studying DTP topic and came across this scenario that needs to be clarified. afaik, initially, trunk can only be formed on negotiated link (DTP) between two switches if VTP domain is the same. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk389/tk689/technologies_tech_note09186a0080094c52.shtml...

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ACL blocks ping or telnet both ways

Question: When I tried some textbook ACL to block pings or telnet from a certain source, the ACL not only blocked pings or telnet from that IP address, but also blocked itself from ping or telnet into that IP address. It's out of my expectation that ACL...

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Vtp mode question

Question: so i have 3 switches. switch A connected to switch B and B connected to C. Switch A is a vtp server vtp version 2 Switch B is a VTP Transpernt mode Version 2 Switch C is a VTP Client mode version 2 all connections are trunking no pruning involved,...

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Question: I'm a bit confused about a detail in the switch adresses learning process: Switch WS-C2960S-24TS-L has an empty bridging table. Has 2 PC's connected PC1 sends a PING to PC2 (so A learns PC1 MAC) As switch A doesn't know PS2, it floods the packet....

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Network 80/20 model

Question: so i have read different things every were does the local vlan model use 80/20 or 20/80? i think it is 20/80 so the is 20 %local 80 % external but i have read different answers every were :S Answer: Recall from your CCNP switch book, there are...

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Switch port type -- access and trunk

Question: I seem to need some help in vlans. I am getting little confused. If I have got it right, the behaviour of access port is: - Tag untagged frames passing it inbound (from the connected host). - Allow frames holding the default vlan tag to pass...

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Is Cisco 2960 a Layer 3 Switch?

Question: Yesterday a friend of mine was having some issues in his office network & tried my hand at resolving them. While I was SSHed to his 2960, I was surprised to see 2 SVIs as 'up' & 'up'. In fact, I created another SVI & that came up as well. I...

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