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20 posts with cisco network

How does IPv4 Subnetting Work

Your ISP gives you the range the network ID (11000000.10101000.00101000.00000000). You know that you'd like to use a firewall / router device to limit communication between different parts of your network (servers, client computers, network...

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CEF and load sharing

Load-sharing is one of the clumsy areas that is full of confusing parts. In this post we should be covering its ABCs, and latter on we should be covering more parts in details. We chose the name “CEF and load sharing” as the post name due to the main...

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Cisco SYN FLOOD protection

Question: How could one mitigate SYN FLOOD DOS on Catalyst WS-C3750X-48T-L as it has no control plane protection? Answer: 3750 does have some internally priority on what it prefers to punt when congested, but it's not configurable. So you should rely...

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