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42 posts with cisco 3750

Cisco 3750X channel-misconfig

Question: I have two WS-C3750X-24T-S for stack, and i want connect a 2960 switch on this stack with port-channel. I connect 2960 G0/1 to 3750X G1/0/24, and 2960 G0/2 to 3750X G2/0/24. the config is that: 3750X: interface Port-channel1 switchport trunk...

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Connect Cisco 3750x to Procurve 2910

Question; If the connecting port on WS-C3750X-48T-L to procurve 2910 belongs vlan 10, does the connecting port on procurve 2910 has to belong to the same vlan? Would both switches be connected if their connecting ports do not have the same vlan number?...

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VLAN Communication Problem

Question: So the problem is we have a device or host that needs to communicate on a specific VLAN. This VLAN is not new, it is running all throughout our environment and works fine. But the VLAN was recently configured on the switch in question, a Cisco...

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GVRP Configuration

Generic Attribute Registration Protocol (GARP) VLAN Registration Protocol(GVRP) is an application defined in the IEEE 802.1Q standard that allows for the control of VLANs. GVRP runs only on 802.1Q trunk links. GVRP prunes trunk links so that only active...

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Cisco's Hot Standby Router Protocol

HSRP is Cisco's standard method of providing high network availability by providing first-hop redundancy for IP hosts on an IEEE 802 LAN configured with a default gateway IP address. HSRP routes IP traffic without relying on the availability of any single...

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VRRP feature

Often one of the least redundant parts of a network is the first hop between a host and the rest of the network. This is because they are typically configured with a default gateway IP address that links to a single device. Should this device fail, then...

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Private VLAN (PVLAN) on Cisco switch

The definition of Private VLAN is: Virtual LAN (VLAN) is a mechanism to divide a broadcast domain into several logical broadcast domains. Private VLAN is an extension to the VLAN standard, already available in several (most recent) physical switches....

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OSPF route selection rules

As you know, OSPF goes through the following process to select the best (candidate) routes: Run intra-area SPF for every area to which the router is connected; Run inter-area and external route selection process (actually a distance-vector calculation,...

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